Yahoo has fell slightly in their first quarter profits report

Yahoo has fell slightly in their first quarter profits report, however, this is nothing to be worried about. Yahoo is likely to come back with a very strong second quarter with earnings which are expected to rise more than three percent. Yahoo has currently lost just two percentage points in this last quarter. Each year yahoo seems to have a gradual rise in profits which makes this sudden fall in overall stock share quite a surprise. Yahoo is brining together over one billion dollars in profits this year alone which is great for the business. It looks as thought Yahoo is going to continue to increase their profit as the technology they use to expand their business model continues to get even more advanced over the competition. The number of clicks which is coming through toward yahoo is actually greater than what it has been previously which is quite a good surprise simply because of the metrics involved with the pay per click campaign the business has recently built into the acquisition. Studies show the number of users which are actually viewing the advertisements being posted through yahoo and their search engine is on a slight rise over the last years. Many users also find the advertisements beings posted by yahoo are much more helpful than sites such as Google and Bing. As Yahoo continues to look for more advanced technology to incorporate into their overall strategy it is essential for the companies profit to rise as a result. The market which has openly discussed the likeliness of yahoo accruing similar search companies such as twitter to help with their brands public image is now criticizing yahoo for their slight drop in quarter one net profit. The earnings for Yahoo may very well increase in the second and third quarter if the company continues to grow at a steady pace as per the market share along with the available equity the business has invested into the technology sector. Yahoo is working directly with Microsoft in order to gain access to the advertisements and publicly display the ads for the web. The availability of Microsoft has ushered in a new way of thinking for Yahoo and thus the ability the company has to better place their strategically fit advertisements alongside their search engine. Yahoo and Microsoft will likely continue to work with one another in the next few months or years.